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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Chocolate Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese and Oreo

Belated Post.4/10/2014

                             I simply want to say...I love the smell and taste of the pure butter chocolate cake with the cream cheese, hmmm and to top it up with the sweetness of the Oreo biscuits. Amazing, isn't it? The wonderful creations of cheese, pure butter and chocolate!!! I must say, a really fantastic 'fantabulous'(my word..hihi) combinations.
                             I couldn't stop myself taking bites after bites of this  addicting delicacy, be it in the past, present or in the future.I think you would be doing the same thing,given the chances...mmmmmm.
                             It did not happen that way. I swallowed hard and said goodbye. The smell and taste were in my memories.Forever.
                            The cake was sent to its rightful owner, the receiver of the Blue Ribbon Chocolate Indulgence Cake.This special cake,however, is for her beloved mom, who is staying in Seremban. Even though she had to celebrate the Raya Haji in Kelantan, she sent this cake with love to her mom. It was an unforgettable expression of love.Certainly.
                             A daughter's love for her mom.Her thoughtfulness that meant a lot, to the mother.
She loves her mom. I love this special relationship because it always reminds me that I love my mom too. So much.