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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Chocolate Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese and Oreo

Belated Post.4/10/2014

                             I simply want to say...I love the smell and taste of the pure butter chocolate cake with the cream cheese, hmmm and to top it up with the sweetness of the Oreo biscuits. Amazing, isn't it? The wonderful creations of cheese, pure butter and chocolate!!! I must say, a really fantastic 'fantabulous'(my word..hihi) combinations.
                             I couldn't stop myself taking bites after bites of this  addicting delicacy, be it in the past, present or in the future.I think you would be doing the same thing,given the chances...mmmmmm.
                             It did not happen that way. I swallowed hard and said goodbye. The smell and taste were in my memories.Forever.
                            The cake was sent to its rightful owner, the receiver of the Blue Ribbon Chocolate Indulgence Cake.This special cake,however, is for her beloved mom, who is staying in Seremban. Even though she had to celebrate the Raya Haji in Kelantan, she sent this cake with love to her mom. It was an unforgettable expression of love.Certainly.
                             A daughter's love for her mom.Her thoughtfulness that meant a lot, to the mother.
She loves her mom. I love this special relationship because it always reminds me that I love my mom too. So much.

Blue Ribbon Chocolate Cake

4th October 2014

My dear readers,
Hi!I was extremely busy for the past few months, in fact since end of last year, I didn't do much writing here,but that didn't stop me from doing a lot of research work on cake decorating. I do realised that there are a lot of entries that need to be posted, photos to be uploaded. Hmmm...let me start with this. 
                      This Blue Ribbon Chocolate Indulgence Cake travelled far, from Seremban to Kelantan. A very thoughtful lady indeed, planned to take it as a gift for the Hari Raya Haji last year, and she did it.If I was not mistaken, the mission was accomplished.
                      I have no idea that it needed to go that far.Anyway, I was so happy when I took the order earlier because I just love decorating this 4 layer chocolate cake.The chocolate velvety needs no extraordinary embellishments, just a simple ribbon will do the trick.
                      Trust me, you are going to love the layers, just like I do....very much!

Friday, 19 September 2014

A Tutorial on Decorating A Barbie Doll Cake

Barbie Doll Cake

              I simply love decorating a doll cake.I have these on my mind whenever I start to decorate a little princess for her upcoming ball.A pink gown with ruffles, an outer layer of grey skirt and small white flowers here and there...then, I would imagine a little girl waiting excitedly for her birthday cake...wondering what would it be this time ??? An overly anxious mom who could not wait to present to her beloved sweet daughter her most awaited gift ...the little princess in pink gown,the Barbie Doll Cake.
               It has always given me a great  feeling of excitement when I begin to decorate this cake.I just know that I would want to do my very best, ("whatever it takes"...something new I learned recently) for I love designing the gown, adding the layers after layers of fondant ruffles, moulding the small flowers and finally the ribbons, where I can mix and match according to the theme that I want. 
            My obsession of decorating this cake also brings me to this post today, my mounting desire to share, to write down my innermost feeling of this little bit of knowledge that I have acquired and experimented which may help in one way or another to instill love in cake decorating.So, here you go...my Step by Step Tutorial on Decorating a Barbie Doll Cake.

The cake must be layered and creamed and kept a few hours in the fridge, to ensure that the shape is firm and can withstand the pressure of the heavy fondant.  If you have the round cutter for ruffles you may use it, if not there are always other ways of doing ruffles.(please do some online research,you will see there are many sharing)

Once you are satisfied with your ruffles,the next step is to stick your barbie doll inside the cake.Make sure that the legs are wrapped with the food plastic wrap before you push them into the middle of the cake. There is no need at all to make a hole...just insert the legs in.Please raise the doll's arms/hands up before you do that. You may also want to wrap the body with a fondant.That will be the body of the dress/gown.Oh yes, the hair,tie the hair into ponytail.That will ease your task of decorating the body of the gown.

This is how I did the grey outer layer of the skirt. It is not that difficult,you may just roll your fondant and cut the length that you have measured and then fold the fondant to make the skirt to look real.

Now that you have added the grey fondant to the cake, on top of the pink ruffles, it is time to stick the small cute white flowers to the grey skirt. Easy is it not??? Then tie a ribbon of your choice to the waist of the doll. Do not forget to add the collar, be it a simple one like I did or any collar that you like to the upper body of the dress. 

Barbie Doll Cake is ready! It is up to you to dress her hair,whether you want the hair to be tied up or leave the hair down over the shoulder or you may also want to do some fondant headgear or scarf (Muslimah Doll). 

That is all for now.I hope my tutorial gives you ideas on How to decorate a Barbie Doll Cake. Happy decorating!!!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

A Castle Cake with garden & princesses

August 3rd, 2014
Maya, Nia, Alya, Kayla and Ameer's birthdays
A fun and memorable event, 
their moms, who are siblings planned this celebration for their beloved kids.

Number 1 Cake

June 28, 2014
A 1 year old baby girl's birthday cake


31st May 2014
Balqis's Frozen theme Birthday Cake

Basketweave Cake with Sugarpaste Flowers

25 May 2014
A thank you gift to SMKA Shams' teachers
from Pn.Hjh Jamiah bt Basar & daughter

Single tier Cake with White Chocolate Scrap

21st February 2013
Zulkifli's Wedding Cake
A gift for his bride

Amirul Muriza's Wedding Cake

7 December 2013
A floral fondant cake for his beloved wife
on their wedding day

2 Tier Cakes with Fresh Flowers

18 May 2014